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Aladdin Magic Herb® is made by the distillation of 37 herbs, which is an ancient recipe , and using the ancient manufacturing process. Which dates back to 1516. This particular procedure was already being used in the 1400’s . Various elixirs, were mainly used to treat damaged skin. In 1095 the monks, had been successfully using various herbalproducts to treat skin illnesses. The Aladdin Magic Herb® has brought back to the presentthis ancient process, and is the fi rst in the world to use this in the beauty and skin health industry Alpha.

The monks had lived all their lives in nature, and studied the effects of the herbs and fl owers on themselves, and worked out the precise quantity and assortment. The skin showed rapid and amazing results. The Aladdin Magic Herb® is prepared exactly this way.

In the middle century the formula being used by the monks was already very effective forskin beauty and health restoration. In today’s world more and more people suffer fromskin problems as the stress affects our skin,.It is very diffi cult to heal by natural methods without chemicals and at a price one can afford. Aladdin Magic Herb® is 100% naturalformula. This ancient method brings back hope to restore the skin back to being healthy, young and beautiful.